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Easily generate quality code that empowers software developers to build better software faster, without low-code limitations or vendor dependency. Interested in being one of our pioneers beta user?

    Code Generation ExoCoding

    Flexible and Powerful features
    as you need it

    Data Modeler
    at your service

    Data Modeling to give persistency and the foundation of the project

    • Drag and Drop new tables, enumerators and fast mode to create, edit and deduce columns and/or types.
    • Interact with other colleagues contextualized in the model.
    • Advanced features: default values, nullable, multiples indexes, relationships with tables from other modules, etc.
    Code Generation Tool with Data Modeler
    Code Generation Tool with Logic API

    Logic /API
    as you desire

    Exposing an API, giving a business logic and connecting to data

    • Build the endpoints that will be consumed and all the business logic’s functions and objects
    • Set actions to easily access data, other pre-build features or user created functions.
    • Create and use objects tailored for specifics needs or reuse the same object.

    Interface Designer
    to boost creativity

    Build stunning visuals and outstanding user interaction to give the best experience

    • Create new pages from a template and drag and drop components, define themes, styles, routes and layouts
    • Set behavior: Event response, API requests, page navigation, change components properties/styles, etc.
    • Share prototypes with customers/team to get contextualized feedback.
    Code Generation Tool Interface
    Code Generation Tool with automations

    Code smarter with Automations

    Use automation to free up your time so you can focus on the more important things

    • Automate similar behaviors: Boilerplate, scaffolding, entity CRUD (logic & interface), etc.
    • Add Pre-built features: authentication, users, dashboards, page templates, etc.
    • Data analysis and suggesting new ways to show data in the interface
    • Auto create documentation

    Code Generator to give you freedom

    Generate code with ease and continue working as usual, with a lot already done

    • After generating code, everything is business as usual (same IDE, tools), but with a lot of work already accomplished.
    • Easily debug and use other useful complementary tools to optimize developer experience.
    • Share prototypes with customers/team to get contextualized feedback.
    Code Generation Tool to give you freedom
    Code Generation Tool with database

    And much more …

    Prototyping, Project Planning, Marketplace, and much more…

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    Why ExoCoding?

    Imagine an advanced exoskeleton that amplifies the capabilities and efficiency of software development.
    Can you see how this is going to be a game changer to your daily? This is what we will offering you.

    Who we are

    From developers obsessed with freedom

    At this point, you might be wondering, “Who’s powering ExoCoding?” Well, let us introduce ourselves. We are a passionate team of skilled developers on a mission to empowering software developers with an intellectual exoskeleton capable to achieve super productivity without losing craftsmanship and purpose.

    These are our values and commitments

    We don’t settle and we are always obsessed with getting better.

    We push boundaries.

    The developer is sovereign.

    We value research, reliability, and truth. We believe in communities.

    We always want to challenge new possibilities of code generation.

    What developers are saying about ExoCoding

    Some bold pioneers are already testing ExoCoding in our closed beta version. Discover what they are saying.

    testimonials about exocoding

    ExoCoding revolutionized my development workflow!

    ExoCoding has been a game-changer for me as a developer! After modeling the database, I effortlessly auto-generate comprehensible code for the backend and frontend. Now, I’m all about crafting cool features using Visual Studio Code, leaving tedious boilerplate code and repetition behind. Ben Anderson, US, frontend developer

    No more coding tedium!

    No more wasted days on repetitive coding tasks. ExoCoding allows me to invest my time in problem-solving challenges and creative decisions that drive real value for our projects. Markus Müller, Germany, junior software engineer

    Sharing high-fidelity prototypes accelerates collaboration and meets client expectations

    ExoCoding enhanced our projects, enabling seamless collaboration that ensures staying on track and meeting expectations by sharing high-fidelity prototypes with clients for feedback, review, and iteration. Lucas Santos, Brazil, project manager

    This code generation tool truly captivated me

    As a CTO, ExoCoding has been a game-changer for our bottom line. It optimized our development process, delivering cost savings and giving us the confidence to meet tight deadlines. David Thompson, UK, chief technology officer

    ExoCoding empowers solo devs like me

    ExoCoding empowers me as a solo developer by bridging the gap between different IT skills and technologies. Now, I confidently tackle more projects and don’t feel overwhelmed with work. Priya Singh, India, full stack developer

    testimonials about exocoding

    Who will benefit from using ExoCoding?

    Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, ExoCoding has the power to help you

    ⏩ Freelancers and Indie Devs

    ExoCoding will enable you to tackle more projects, meet tight deadlines, and deliver top-notch solutions to your clients, all while reducing development time and effort.

    ⏩ Software Houses

    By reducing manual coding efforts and allowing developers to focus on critical business logic, ExoCoding enhances software houses’ overall productivity and competitiveness, enabling efficient handling of sophisticated projects.

    ⏩ Consulting Firms

    ExoCoding serves as an invaluable asset for your consulting firm, providing a multitude of benefits related to project management, team acceleration, and solution versatility. Your teams will be able to respond promptly to different clients’ needs, no matter how complex they are.

    ⏩ Startups or Tech Entrepreneurs

    ExoCoding will empower you to swiftly launch your ideas into the market with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), allowing you to iterate and validate the concepts without compromising scalability.

    ⏩ IT Departments

    With ExoCoding’s support in handling coding complexities, your IT Departments can develop high-quality software solutions without the need for extensive development resources.

    ⏩ Students or Unemployed Devs

    ExoCoding presents a transformative opportunity to create your own business or build a portfolio of applications. By crafting impressive applications using ExoCoding, you can captivate potential employers, offering a tangible demonstration of your capabilities and potential contributions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Exocoding, and how does it work?

    ExoCoding is a code generation online platform that empowers software developers to build better software faster. It uses model-based AI-powered assistants to generate boilerplate code and streamline repetitive tasks.
    Developers can create apps containing modules with Database Management, Logic Building, and Interface Design. There are also more features like sharing prototypes, task planning, and a marketplace with pre-built templates that enhance the developer’s experience. After generating code (backend and frontend), everything is business as usual with the same IDE and other dev tools, but with much work already accomplished.

    What programming languages and frameworks does Exocoding support?

    This code generation tool allows you to generate code for the backend with Java with the Spring framework currently supported and for the frontend, HTML, CSS, and TypeScript with React. We are continuously working to expand language and framework support in the future.

    Is ExoCoding suitable for both experienced and new developers?

    Yes, this code generation tool is versatile and suitable for various types of projects. Whether you’re building a full-stack web application (commercial or internal tools), a landing page, or a backend service, Exocoding’s code generation and interface design capabilities offer significant benefits across different projects.

    Can I use this Code Generation Platform with existing projects?

    Yes, ExoCoding is versatile and suitable for various types of projects. Whether you’re building a full-stack web application (commercial or internal tools), a landing page, or a backend service, Exocoding’s code generation and interface design capabilities offer significant benefits across different projects.

    How does Exocoding differ from AI-Based Code Completion Tools?

    ExoCoding and AI-Based Code Completion Tools have distinct approaches to application development but can complement each other. AI-Based Code Completion Tools focus on helping developers with code suggestions and completions based on existing examples, patterns, and natural language prompts. The output of the same prompt may vary and require further validation by developers. Exocoding offers end-to-end application development and builds entire applications, including backend and frontend code allowing precise output over the generated code following rules and constraints at a model level. It also includes other collaboration tools like task management and prototype sharing, making it a powerful tool for every software developer.

    How secure is ExoCoding?

    Security is a top priority for us. ExoCoding employs robust encryption protocols and follows industry best practices to ensure the safety of your data and code. Our platform undergoes regular security audits to maintain the highest level of protection.

    Can I try ExoCoding before committing to a subscription?

    Absolutely! While ExoCoding is still in beta, we will offer a free limited version and a trial period once it’s launched. We want you to have the opportunity to evaluate ExoCoding and make an informed decision about its suitability for your software development needs. Stay tuned for the official launch and take advantage of our trial options to see how ExoCoding can empower your development process.

    Is ExoCoding suitable for all types of projects?

    Yes, ExoCoding is versatile and suitable for various types of projects. Whether you’re building a full-stack web application (commercial or internal tools), a landing page, or a backend service, ExoCoding’s code generation and interface design capabilities offer significant benefits across different projects.

    Can I modify the generated code?

    Yes, you have full control. It is your code, not ours. You can modify and extend the code to meet specific project requirements or add custom functionalities. ExoCoding’s code is easily adaptable to your needs.

    Can I generate mobile apps with ExoCoding?

    Yes, you can! This code generation tool is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different development scenarios. You can selectively use ExoCoding to enhance specific modules or features without rewriting the entire codebase. The platform’s flexibility allows you to create a new module and leverage its Logic Builder, Interface Designer, and other components to streamline development and accelerate feature implementation.

    Is ExoCoding a NoCode or LowCode platform?

    Neither a NoCode nor a LowCode platform. While No Code platforms are designed for non-technical users (citizen developers), enabling them to create applications without coding knowledge, ExoCoding targets professional developers and empowers them to build better software faster. It achieves this through code generation, providing developers with greater flexibility and control.
    Furthermore, ExoCoding is not a LowCode platform either. While both ExoCoding and LowCode platforms aim to streamline application development, their approach differs. Unlike LowCode platforms that often limit developers to visual configuration, which can result in vendor lock-in and make it hard to debug apps, ExoCoding’s approach revolves around code generation and customization. It allows developers full access to the source code and to work with their preferred languages, frameworks, and tools (IDE, DevOps, etc.), offering more flexibility, a low entry barrier, and a seamless onboarding experience.

    How can I make money with this Code Generation Tool?

    There are several ways:
    Faster Project Delivery: By using ExoCoding’s code generation capabilities, you can accelerate project delivery, allowing you to take on more projects within a shorter timeframe. This increased efficiency can lead to higher client satisfaction and more business opportunities.
    Freelancing: Offer custom development services using ExoCoding as a foundation. Use this code generation tool to rapidly build tailored solutions, while reducing development costs and time.
    Product Development: Use ExoCoding to build innovative web applications, and turn them into commercial products. You can sell these products to businesses or individuals looking for ready-to-use solutions, creating a source of recurring revenue.
    Template and Module Marketplace: With ExoCoding’s planned marketplace for templates and modules, you can create and sell reusable components, interfaces, and logic modules. This can generate a passive income stream as other developers purchase and use your contributions.
    Affiliate Program: Earn commissions by referring other developers or businesses to the platform. As an affiliate, you can promote ExoCoding and earn a percentage of sales made through your referral links.
    Keep in mind that the exact revenue potential depends on your skills, market demand, and business strategy. Leveraging Exocoding’s features and ecosystem creatively can open up various income streams and make it a valuable asset in your software development business.

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    Beta Features preview / Last Updated 19/12/23

    Explore What’s Coming in Our Beta Version

    Get a sneak peek at the exciting features that are already developed and primed for our upcoming beta release.

    Powerful visual data modeler with tables, enumerators and other advanced features
    Logic Builder: data objects, services, scheduled jobs and controllers to create an API
    Intuitive WYSIWYG visual interface builder and behavior definition
    Automate similar behavior like generating entity CRUD, pages, etc
    Use pre-built integrations / page templates
    Auto generates entitities with the help of AI
    User management for organizations
    Code generation in Java Spring and React
    Github integration

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